Saturday, 7 January 2012

Enemy of the States 1998 (Directed by Tony Scott)

At the beginning of this film, there are quick cuts from two people who seem to just be hanging around what seems to be a park. A car pulls up and an old man starts playing with his dog. This is a very happy mood as the sun is shining and the character looks like he is having a good time. A medium close-up is then shown of another old man in a very fancy black car. This shows that he is quite wealthy and as he isn't the one driving the car, it also shows that he must be someone of importance as he has a driver. When the old man playing with his dog she's the wealthier man his first response is 'oh god damn it'. This shows he knows this man and also he doesn't like this man. They both have a convosation where the man who was playing with his dog disagrees with the other man, this then leads to a sudden attack from behind fromt the two men at the scene at the beginning and they inject something into the man playing with his dog. This was mainly due to the fact that this man didn't agree with the man with money and so he killed him.

This is quite an interesting beginning with a quick shift of moods. There is then a montage of road crimes which kind of give the audience a hint of what the film may be about.

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