Saturday, 26 November 2011

Audience research powerpoint

Audience Research for Project

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Costume for Dhylan Patel

Dhylan Patel is one of our main characters and he is going be in a black suit throughout our opening sequence. This is because he is going to go to the cemetery to put flowers on the grave of his lost friend. We chose the colour black because it is a dull colour which can symbolise life less. Also it is a very formal colour. Furthermore the black suit can symbolise death and so the colour black links with the mood we are trying to set. 

Monday, 21 November 2011

Story Board

 Story Board for our Montage sequence at the beggining of our opening sequence/

Story Boards for the sequence after our Montage for our opening sequence.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Shooting Schedule and Shooting Plan

Shooting Schedule

Day 1
Sc: 1

Est. Shot of Cemetery from a low angle shot.
Tilt to Dhylan Patel.
1 Dhylan Patel


Note: Tilt diagonally down and left.
Sc: 2

Dhylan puts flowers on grave.
Camera freely moves from behind tree to see Dhylan.
1 Dhylan Patel

2 Tyler             Johnson

Sc: 3

Over the shoulder shot of Dhylan looking at tree.
1 Dhylan Patel

2 Tyler Johnson
Day 2
Sc: 4

Est. Shot of train station.
Tilt to Dhylan walking into station.
1 Dhylan Patel

Note: Tilt downwards to Dhylan.

Sc: 5

Dhylan and Tyler encounter.
Dhylan has a hard time believing it’s him.
1 Dhylan Patel

2 Tyler Johnson

Sc: 6

Point of view shot of Dhylan.
Tyler is on other platform.
Train goes by, Tyler is gone.
Dhylan leaves train station.
1 Dhylan Patel

2 Tyler Johnson

Trans: Train or Express train.

Shooting Plan
Location 1: Streatham cemetery – overcast weather
Establishing shot of Streatham cemetery – tilt
Long shot of Dhylan walking into cemetery
Close up of Dhylan putting flowers on gravestone
Camera movement from behind tree to long shot of Dhylan
Medium shot of Dhylan at bench
Long shot of Dhylan walking out of cemetery.

Location 2: Wandsworth common train station – overcast weather
Establishing shot of Wandsworth common station – tilt
Medium shot of Dhylan walking into station
Camera cuts to platform, PoV shot of Dhylan seeing Tyler on the other side of the platform
Train goes by, Tyler is gone
Close up of Dhylan looking confused
Dhylan gets on train.

This is my groups shooting schedule and plan. As you can see, we should only need 2 days of shooting. But we do not know which days we shall be shooting yet because we need the weather to be right to set the tone of our opening sequence.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Mood Board

This is my groups mood board. These pictures link with our ideas to our film and why we have made the opening sequence the way that we have. A key image is the image of a gloomy setting. We want our setting to be gloomy as it really helps to set the tone of our opening sequence which is upsetting and sorrow. So a gloomy setting will help do this.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Screenplay of Montage

Photo 1
Tyler and Dhylan are playing a video game at Tyler’s home. They are both enjoying the game. They are playing in Tyler’s bedroom where the console is. The room is reasonably tidy. There is a small table which has some small snacks and drinks.
Photo 2
Tyler and Dhylan at school and they are laughing. They are both in their own clothes as they are in the schools sixth form. They are wearing their college’s badges. They are sitting at a white table with phones on the table and music is playing.
Photo 3
Tyler and Dhylan are having a picture taken on the street. They both have their arms over each other and are smiling for the camera.
Photo 4
Tyler and Dhylan are coming home from going to the cinema with friends. It is a bit gloomy. Tyler is holding the ticket of the film they just went to see and Dhylan is making faces at Tyler.
Photo 5
An image of a river and its surroundings.
Photo 6
 An image of a newspaper. The newspaper has the headline “Boy drowns at a young age”. An image of the same river is in the newspaper clipping.

This is a copy of our screenplay for our montage to our opening sequence which will happen at the begining of the opening sequence.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Yesterday, we typed up our screenplayes. The general idea is to have a page per minute and so for each group, there had to be two pages. Our group had two pages so our film should come up near to 2 minutes.
This is our screenpay

Friday, 11 November 2011

Black Rose prop

A black rose isn't a real flower, we would like to artificially have one of these made for our opening sequence.
The reason for this is because when Dhylan (a main character) goes to the cemetery, we would like him to put these flowers on Tyler's grave (other main character). We want a black rose because black symbolises death and a rose is usually a loving flower. So we are trying to express both these things just by using a flower.

If we are unable to get a black rose, then we shall have to use other flowers that are black. But we prefer if it were a black rose.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mise-en-scene for Barton Fink by the Coen Brothers

The Coen brothers are known for there interesting uses of Mise-en-scene.
The first film I analysed with my class today is the film Barton Fink. In the opening sequence we are following a rope being lowered which is a rope for the red curtain in a theatre. We then are looking at a man  holding a play rolled up in his hand and just mesmerised by what seems to be a play he has written being performed. We can tell this because he mouths the last line of the play before the audience start cheering. Then two men come behind this character who is Barton a play writer. We are then taken to a fancy restaurant where Barton is quite reluctant to eat with the people at the table he is taken to as he doesn't like what they are talking about and shows no emotions towards them.
There are a lot of interesting pieces of Mise-en-scene in this opening passage of Barton Fink. When we are watching the rope come down, there is a sign that comes up saying No Smoking, however the people controlling backstage are smoking which creates irony and is something that I find quite amusing.
The next useful and interesting piece of Mise-en-scene is the script held by Barton. It shows how much he cares about his production and it shows that he really gets into his plays.
The costumes used through out this opening sequence were mainly formal and upper classed clothing, only the backstage work men were wearing tatty clothing.
The most important piece of Mise-en-scene is when his producers come to stand behind him after the play finishes. This shows he has the power but the producers pay for his productions.
Finally, the way that the Coen brothers make the character Barton act shows a lot about his character. The script symbolised he thinks greatly about his plays, the way he speaks differently to the others in a slow and none emotional way shows he is his own person and when the producer for his play read out a review on one of his plays, he tried stopping him as he doesn't like boasting. This shows he is a cool, calm character who loves his plays and nothing else.
I would like to use the Coen Brothers style of Mise-en-scene in my groups opening scene as they use Mise-en-scene to give a lot of meaning to background and to characters which makes the film more interesting and symbolic.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Batman Dark Knight 2008 (Directed by Christopher Nolan)

In the opening sequence of the Dark Knight, the first shot is an establishing shot set by Christopher Nolan to set the scene and show the audience where they are which is New York city. From the establishing shot, the camera slowly zooms into the smaller building. This creates tension as the audience are wondering why they are getting closer to the building. Then there is a sudden explosion and a window, which is centered in the frame, has been blown open. We are then introduced to people wearing joker masks. The ending of the last film of Batman had the inspector showing Batman a playing card which was a Joker. The card has now been symbolised in the opening sequence of this film. The Jokers then rob the bank but they end up fighting each other to see who gets to keep all the cash. They all kill eack other and leave two. The stand off against each other, one pointing a gun to the other. This is the part that intreges me the most about this opening sequence, the joker with the gun pointing at him takes two side steps. This to the audience looks disturbing, but then a school bus comes crahing in and takes out the joker with the gun.

This opening sequence has many good ideas for my groups openinng sequece. The bits I enjoy the most is the bursting of the glass and the bus. The bursting of the glass is the part I would like to have in my groups opening sequence as it creates a lot of tension.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Ideas plus Feedback from class

In today's lesson, in our groups, we presented our ideas to our class. After each group, the groups were given feedback. Our groups idea was liked by our class mates but we did have some constructive feedback that we have taken aboard.
Our main concern is how we are going to find a garve stone with the character name we have chosen which is Tyler Johnson and that people that are around in the cemetery may not enjoy us filming there. We have over come the grave stone crisis as we are going to film the grave stone from the back so the name can't be seen. However, our teacher helped us with our second dilema and told us to be very polite in the cemetery as he doesn't want us to make others feel uncomfortable.

Another concern was about our choice of clothing for our ghost, our class thinks we need to make sure we portray him as a ghost and not a average teenager.
We have taken on board all these points and hope to make our opening sequence better based on this feedback.