Sunday, 13 November 2011

Screenplay of Montage

Photo 1
Tyler and Dhylan are playing a video game at Tyler’s home. They are both enjoying the game. They are playing in Tyler’s bedroom where the console is. The room is reasonably tidy. There is a small table which has some small snacks and drinks.
Photo 2
Tyler and Dhylan at school and they are laughing. They are both in their own clothes as they are in the schools sixth form. They are wearing their college’s badges. They are sitting at a white table with phones on the table and music is playing.
Photo 3
Tyler and Dhylan are having a picture taken on the street. They both have their arms over each other and are smiling for the camera.
Photo 4
Tyler and Dhylan are coming home from going to the cinema with friends. It is a bit gloomy. Tyler is holding the ticket of the film they just went to see and Dhylan is making faces at Tyler.
Photo 5
An image of a river and its surroundings.
Photo 6
 An image of a newspaper. The newspaper has the headline “Boy drowns at a young age”. An image of the same river is in the newspaper clipping.

This is a copy of our screenplay for our montage to our opening sequence which will happen at the begining of the opening sequence.

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