Monday, 7 November 2011

Batman Dark Knight 2008 (Directed by Christopher Nolan)

In the opening sequence of the Dark Knight, the first shot is an establishing shot set by Christopher Nolan to set the scene and show the audience where they are which is New York city. From the establishing shot, the camera slowly zooms into the smaller building. This creates tension as the audience are wondering why they are getting closer to the building. Then there is a sudden explosion and a window, which is centered in the frame, has been blown open. We are then introduced to people wearing joker masks. The ending of the last film of Batman had the inspector showing Batman a playing card which was a Joker. The card has now been symbolised in the opening sequence of this film. The Jokers then rob the bank but they end up fighting each other to see who gets to keep all the cash. They all kill eack other and leave two. The stand off against each other, one pointing a gun to the other. This is the part that intreges me the most about this opening sequence, the joker with the gun pointing at him takes two side steps. This to the audience looks disturbing, but then a school bus comes crahing in and takes out the joker with the gun.

This opening sequence has many good ideas for my groups openinng sequece. The bits I enjoy the most is the bursting of the glass and the bus. The bursting of the glass is the part I would like to have in my groups opening sequence as it creates a lot of tension.

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