Friday, 9 December 2011

Star Wars IV New Hope - 1977 (Directed By George Lucas)

Star Wars IV is considered to have one of the best opening sequences.

This is because in 1977, people were probably thrilled when a small spaceship in space is getting chased by a much bigger space ship. For people back then, this would have probably been very exciting and most probably new to them. Also, even before the chase part of the film, the phrase 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away'. This is a clever phrase to put at a beginning of a new series of films as this phrase does create a sense of excitement. This is then followed by Star Wars and then script setting the scene for the audience. This is so the audience aren't complicated for what is about to come.

As we don't have the technology, we can not do the chase scene with spaceships and so forth. The part I think our group could use from this opening sequence is the script of setting the scene. However for our current idea, we want it to be a bit mysterious for the audeince of what shall happen in the film and so our opening sequence should be confusing and not understood like Star Wars is.

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