Thursday, 1 December 2011

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009 ( Directed by Gavin Hood)

In the opening sequences of this film,a young boy and a older sibling are in a room. Then the boys father enters and there is screaming comin from downstairs. The boy in the bed called Jimmy, anxiously awaits for his fathers return. Then there is a sudden gun shot and Jimmy runs downstairs to find his father dead. Anger surges through him and bone claws come out of his fist. To everyone who has watched X- Men before, they will know that this is Wolverrine when he is younger. He uses his new found power to kill the man who shot his father but, only to find that the man he just killed was his real father. This bit of the film will have the audience in suspense as it is a dramaic scene and also a very informative scene.

Next to come in the film is some credits with clips and images of Jimmy and his Sibling (Victor who is Sabertooth) growing up and there life story. The images and clips show that they are both very old because in the clips and images it shows that they faught in both world wars.

The film is mainly an action packed film, but it is very informative to why Wolverine is the way he is in the X-Men movies and so why I think people need to watch this film.

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