Thursday, 12 April 2012

Evaluation Question 1

The genre of our film is psychological thriller and they have there own conventions. A usual feature of a psychological thriller is that there is some sort of mystery or drama in the opening sequence. We have this mystery and drama in our opening sequence when our ghost character which can't be seen which creates the mystery.

Danger at the mental level is also another convention of a psychological thriller. We shows this through some shots in our opening sequence to make our opening sequence seem like a dream or an illusion. Due to this shakeness we leave our opening sequence to be either an illusion or a dream which is another convention of a psychological thriller which is one of the characters playing mind games with each other.

As said in my Directors chair, a cructial convention of a psychological thriller is that it includes flashbacks or montages. We include a montage of images at the beginning of our opening sequence to set a mood of unhappiness.

We also use conventions which are in nearly all genres for example title slides and soundtrack of some sort.

Also, as said in the dirctors chair, we challenge conventions as we have an indian protagonist which is not as common in films.

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