Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Development of Ideas and Feedback

In our groups we brained stormed and finalised our ideas for our opening sequences. In our group, we decided to have a montage of happy images of the two friends hanging around. This was to be then followed by one of our main characters going to the cemetery to put flowers on the grave. We developed the idea of the flower and said we would like to use a Black rose and if we can't find a Black rose then any Black flower will do. We decided this because black symbolises death and so the prop will have a meaning to our film. Also we are going to have a scene at the train station where our character will see his friends ghost. We decided to do this because we can easily make the ghost disappear by a train going by and also to show the audience that the film is going to be a Psychological thriller.

Feedback we received was mainly about why are we going to include one of our characters just putting flowers on the death bed of the dead character. We were asked to maybe introduce a plot or something during this period to make the opening sequence more mysterious and tense.

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