Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ideas and Feedback

Our film is a phycological thriller about a teenaged boy losing his best friend, but the teenaged boy sees the ghost of his friend that has passed away and the ghost is everywhere he goes.We as a group have finalised that we will be shooting our film in different locations. One will be at the Wandsworth Train Station. Another will be in Streatham cemetery. So far we have written some screenplay for these to parts of our film which will be at the end of our film.
The feedback we received from these options is that they were quite good places to film as the 2 scenes help with the tone of the film.

The first part of our film will be a montage of images and old newspaper articles. We also like to include a home video which we will have to make and put into the film.
The feedback we received about this idea is that the newspapers may take some time to make look very professional and realistic so we may have to start on them straight away. Also, our teacher told us that we need to make sure the audience can distinguish between he home video and our actual footage. He proposed we use a cheap phone camera as it will easily show on the film that the quality of the phone is different to our actual camera and so will show a more of a home video effect.

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