Friday, 14 October 2011

Thor 2011 (Directed by Kenneth Branagh)

During the opening sequence of Thor, the first thing we see as an audience is the black night sky. This shot indicates the time of day to the audience which is needed to be done so the film isn't made confusing. The camera then pans down to a vechile in the what seems to be a dessert. It is the only vechile that the sudience can see so we can also say the director Kenneth Branagh has purposly done this to create a sense of isolation or loneliness. We are then introduced to some characters, usually when we meet characters in the begging of a film, they are the main characters and so the people we meet at the begginning of Thor are main characters to the film. After meeting the main characters, a strange mist appears in the background and the main characters go check it out. This creates suspense and tension as the sudience don't know what they are going to see. The are in a van and then they suddenly hit someone. This part of the film is very important as this is the point when questions start running through the audiences mind like who is the person they have just hit? Why did he come out of the mist? These questions are what make this opening sequence interesting and so if my grouo could replicate this sort of scenario into our opening sequence, then I think we will have a good opening sequence.

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