Monday, 3 October 2011

Opening Sequence Analysis of THE BONE COLLECTOR 1999 ( Directed by Philip Noyce)

The opening sequence of the bone collector has a short montage. In this montage we see images, Major headlines, phrases and pictures. During the montage, the camera is tracking and panning over these phrases and pictures. During the montage, Philip Noyce had chosen to have a high pitched violin backing track. This made the montage seem very mysterious and made the audience more tense and in suspense.
After the montage, the camera pans across New York city. This could have also been an establishing shot as the pan showed us where the film is set.
After the pan, Denzil Washington's character appears. The camera follows Denzil Washington's character  and focuses on him when he appears which indicates to the audience that he is a main character in the film. We find that he has to go inside what seems to be a cave. His performance when he walks showed some authourity as he walked with no hesitation. Also he is walking in the front which showed leadership. Furthermore, the camera angle on Denzil Washington's character is a low angle shot which makes him seem mighty compared to the others. When Denzil Washington's character gets to the end of the tunnel, something drops from on top of him, the noise of the thing splitting the cord above Denzil Washington's character made that bit seem life like.
Finally, after Denzil Washington's character gets hit, it goes black and then suddenly opens to a birds eye view shot of Denzil Washington's character in a hospital bed. The point of view shot adds to the effect of Denzil Washington's character seeming weak. Also, there isn't any non-diegetic sounds whilst Denzil Washington's character is in the hospital bed, all we can hear is the heart beat monitor that Denzil Washington's character is hooled up to. This is in complete contrast to how Denzil Washington's character was like before he got hurt. I think this contrast was smartly shown by Philip Noyce and I would love to use this idea for my groups opening sequence.

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