Sunday, 9 October 2011

Preliminary Task

On Thursday and Friday, me and my group completed our Preliminary task during our Media Studies periods. Basically our Preliminary task is a video that shows 3 main skills and we have to apply them to our film. The skills are; Continuity (we are going to show this through a door opening and closing again and we have to make the shots match), 180 degree rule (we are going to do this by keeping all the cameras on the same side) and finally we have to show we have mastered the skill shot reverse shot (we will show this skill during our conversation). The remainder of the filming can be as elaborate as we wanted as we were not getting marked on the content of the film but we were getting marked on the 3 skills I listed.
So on Thursday, in our groups, we developed ideas in our groups for the Preliminary task. We had to come up with our idea quickly as the rest of our double lesson was going to be on us shooting all the footage needed to make the film. Our group were quite quick in making up our minds. Our idea was to have a pan of a student walking to lesson late and trying to get in for the lesson in time. At the very beginning we see a short bit of the lesson the student is supposed to be in. After the student gets to his lesson, he has to open a door and it is here where we show our continuity skills. When the student enters he gets told of and gets told to sit down and carry on with the work. Then he has a conversation with a friend and it is here where we show the shot reverse shot needed for our preliminary task. Finally, the 180 degree rule should have been used throughout the film and it was.
Here are our notes.

So the following day we made edited our film. The film will be up on my blog once one off my group members uploads it to You Tube.

There was a slight problem during editing that our teacher picked up upon. We wanted to have a cut from the student walking to lesson and a student in lesson. The student in lesson would be writing a text message and the student late to lesson will received the message and start running to lesson, but during filming we forgot an establishing shot of the student writing the message which our teacher picked up upon. So we couldn't use our phone idea but its a lesson well learnt now.

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