Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ideas (and Feedback)

Today I discussed my groups idea of a montage for an opening sequence of our film which we will call Oblivious to my cousin. The montage needs to set the tone for the film so we want it to show fun and happiness at first but the sadness and envy towards the end of the montage. We have a limited space to show these two contrasting emotions as we are also going to have some filming.
I also told my cousin of how we are going to use the a home video to split up the two emotions of our opening sequence.
My cousin liked our ideas and also really liekd the fact of using a home video, however as we don't know what images we are going to use for our montage he said we should concentrate on getting those images as he believes that the contrast that the images show will have a huge effect on the audience.
Our film is going well so far and we are recieveing good feedback that we can hopefully use to make our opening sequence better.

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