Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Things to consider for my opening sequence

For my opening sequence to stand out, I must do something that looks like a real film rather than producing a film that looks like a piece of A-Level coursework. By doing some background research on what critics like to see in films and notes from my teacher, there are certain things that make a film look good. My teacher has given me a list of things that my group should consider to put in our films. He likes the idea of having some footage of big forms of transport like planes and trains as they look good in films. Also my teacher likes the idea of the opening sequence showing a contrast between two things like a bright mood and a dull mood.

In my own research I found that critics are very interested in the background story of a film or the story line of a film. The film could have all the special effects in the world but if the film doesn't have a good story line than people aren't going to enjoy it as much as a film with less special effects but a good story line.

So in my group, we need to establish a story line or a background story that will make our film interesting.

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